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Before you begin your journey with us, here are some information you should know about your very own PEFORE. Mask. Our mask are meticulously designed in all aspects (i.e. material used, shape and features of the mask, outer design, etc...). We hope that you will be able to maximize all the features our mask offers.


Lycra, the material of our ear-loops, is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity. This material feels as light as feather on our ears even after long hours of wearing. To further ensure wearer's comfort, the number of stitches on the loop have been minimized. This also allows for easy alteration of the ear-loop by unpicking the sewing knot and re-sewing a straight line across.

Remember to tuck the sewing knots into the loops when wearing!

**If you need some spare ear-loops, remember to leave a comment when ordering!**


Our nose wires have been through numerous modifications to ensure the safety of our wearer. The wires used now are made from stainless steel coated with a layer of plastic. To prevent any wires from protruding, we've added a rubber cap on both ends.

In the event if you lose the wire, the spare nose wire provided will come to your rescue!

We recommend to swap out the nose wire when it is no longer able to provide a good fit when wearing due to wear and tear.

Here is a video of how to you can insert them.

Note: Our Fancy Boat and Fancy Curve designs do not come with a nose wire pocket.


Every mask comes with a filter pocket for you to insert you own additional protection based on your own preference. We do not provide filter for any mask purchased. If you wish to get your own filters, you can either get it from us here or any other preferred marketplaces. Check out how to insert them in:

Only knowing how to use these features is not enough... Now let's take a look at how to put on your PEFORE. Mask before hitting the road and back.

**NOTE: These are only recommended steps to take. If you have your own preferred steps or personal habits do continue them.**


For personal hygiene, make sure that your mask is clean and dry before putting it on. As our mask is able to repel water droplets (e.g. from someone's sneeze) only when the interior layer is dry, please refrain from wearing wet masks.




It is very important to keep your mask clean after every use! Don't be lazy and please wash your mask! Follow the video below.

It is recommended to wash at low temperature (up to 40 degrees celsius (same for ironing)). Doing so at high temperature may damage the fabric. 

Hope that you had a good day out with your PEFORE. Mask! 

Any feedbacks? Let us know! To date, we still strive to improve and serve you better. Hope that your journey with us will only get more exciting from here.

If you have any questions, kindly contact us at +65 9859 0184, email to sales@thephaseco.com, or contact us via the form below.